Gareth Morrow

Gareth Morrow

Guitar / Vocals

Davy Cassa

Davy Cassa


Sean Haughian

Sean Haughian

Bass Guitar / Backing Vox

Death to 2021

As we head out of 2021 the likelihood is that 2022 is pitching itself as some sort of upgrade to its predecessor.  Either-way, the last couple of years have been unusual for sure; most definitely uncertain.  There is no exception to the rule within Machina Kore. We didn't necessarily know...

The Metal Cell Forums. The best Irish Metal releases in 2021

Huge thanks to the lads from the "The Metal Cell Forums" for the inclusion in the"The best Irish Metal releases in 2021". Watch it on YouTube on the following link - The Metal Cell Forums. The Best Irish Metal releases in 2021 The best Irish Metal releases in 2021. This...


MACHINA KORE ANNOUNCEMENT: New drummer brings band back to their roots; Gareth Morrow and Davy Cassidy re- unite after 7 year hiatus! Machina Kore are ecstatic to announce that ex- Sinocence drummer Davy Cassidy has now joined the band. It’s a reunion with Machina Kore/ ex- Sinocence frontman, vocalist and...

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