2020 started with a mission, although this was a new band it wasn’t anyone’s first rodeo.  The nervous energy of being in your first band was absent, instead there was an aura of determination.  It was perhaps apt that the first track we worked on in the practice room had an intro riff with a military march feel to it. The feeling out process that new bands go through had been for the most part bypassed.  We already had solid footing in the fact that Ben and Moro had worked together for a number of years in their previous band.  The following practice sessions had everything going according to plan, we were making good progress and we could tell that we had something tangible.


There is a certain itch to being in a band that has not yet became referent.  We needed that magic glue a band name brings to help forge our identity, and so began the endless lists.  Trying to think of a band name is one of those times where the wider world comes into focus.  You find yourself moving from researching new topics to revisiting old genres and cultures you had long since forgotten.  You would be mistaken in thinking that metal bands have it easier than bands in other genres of music when dipping into the hat of names. There’s also the point that you just cant use anything. It was in coming up with the narrative and name for the track “God from Machine” where we made our break through.  And so Machina Kore received genesis.


The artwork and title for the EP was inspired by the track “God From Machine“.  It was a painstaking process that traveled through many iterations before arriving in final form.  We wanted our artwork to mean something but also present it in a way that allows its meaning to be discovered over time and through further inspection.  Even the tracks are arranged around the overall theme.   For the moment we are happy to let its meaning to be discovered.


With the tracks polished and ready to go we headed into the studio in February 2021.  We owe a big thanks to Frankie McClay at Einstein Studios for facilitating the recording of “Blood In Code“.  We have all worked with Frankie before and he became somewhat of a figurehead for bringing a touch of normality back to the process.  We even had the benefit of having his son Jake in the studio who has a keen ear and a wealth of talent.  It was a very enjoyable and welcoming experience to work with both and we look forward to collaborating again in the future. S.H.