New Lurgan Guitarist adds extra innovation with punk, funk, alternative vibe, as Gary ‘Jacko’ Jackson, joins old band mate and drummer, Davy Cassidy after 30 years; nailing down the ultimate Machina Kore line- up!

Machina Kore are excited to announce that ex- ‘Whomanwhat’ and ‘Bob’ guitarist, Gary ‘Jacko’ Jackson, has, as of the 18th of January 2023, joined the band. This is a union welcomed by Lurgan frontman, vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, Gareth ‘Moro’, Morrow, Lurgan bass player, Sean ‘Seany’ Haughian, and aforementioned Portadown drummer, Davy ‘Cassa’ Cassidy, as this metal powerhouse of a three- piece become their own quintessential quartet.

Having released the incredible new single, ‘Those Among Us’ on January 20th, Machina Kore are already enjoying rehearsals with Jacko, and eager to incorporate his highly respected skill, style and commitment into the further two singles and debut album planned for release later this year. With Morrow’s non- apologetic love of old- school thrash, such as Slayer and Megadeth, as well as the more progressive and soulful influences of Tool and Pearl Jam; Haughian’s influences ranging from metal, such as, Metallica and Killswitch Engage, to grunge/ alt rock bands such as Clutch and The Appleseed Cast; Cassidy’s diversified passion for classic, as well as, hard rock, and funk, including, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Prince and The Police; and Jackson’s equally wide sphere of interests such as, Jimi Hendrix, Jane’s Addiction, Faith No More, The Sex Pistols and Frank Zappa; this line- up promises to bring a fresh and genre- defying layer to it’s already existing hard hitting metal foundation.

Machina Kore’s new single and debut promotional video, ‘Those Among Us’ is currently streaming on all major platforms including Spotify and YouTube.