Making a Monster (2023) performed by Machine Kore. The song was originally inspired by the 2002 documentary film written, produced, directed, and narrated by Michael Moore – Bowling for Columbine which explores the suggested primary causes for the Columbine High School massacre on April 20th, 1999, in Columbine, Colorado, United States and other acts of gun violence. Recorded in Einstein Studios, Co. Antrim in 2023 as an Anniversary tribute marking 20 years since it was initially recorded in 2003 in the same Studio by Franky McClay. “Making a Monster” was demoed and first released locally on the ep “Acceptable Level of Violence” and later included in a larger collaboration entitled “Black Still Life Pose” by the 2002 – 2007 lineup of “Sinocence”. Written by Gareth Morrow. (2003) Performed By:- Gareth Morrow, Anthony McCaughley, Christopher (Kaxxx) Cassidy, Davy Cassidy. (2023) Performed by:- Gareth Morrow Gary Jackson Seany Haughian Davy Cassidy. The Video:- A special Thanks to… The Talent Paul King Artist for the inspiration from his art for the character and performance pieces. Joe Jackson Jr (Jackos Son) who, stepped up to the plate taking directions all day with no problems. His first acting job 🤘😈🤘. The Crew Ryan Loney for the use of the pro gear, knowledge, and expertise on the day and general off-the-cuff creativeness. The footage shot was way above expectations. Clicky for the drone footage and not taking the head off us during the shoot. Paul Thompson for being a legend and capturing a load of behind-the-scenes footage. Location and Props Richard Lutton from The Karl Group for the use of such a great location. David for showing us around and opening up loads of areas to check out. Jon Spence for the loan of the generator. Joe Jackson Snr for organizing some of the gear James Wilson of Studio 2 rehearsals for the lendsies of the Marshall half stack. Ryan Scullion for the use of his multiple Schecters over the years. Frankie McClay a music video isn’t a music video without music, fortunately, we have one of the best producing and mixing ours. The Concept Being that the song is lyrically, loosely based on the Columbine Massacre of 99 the masked character represents ‘society’ in its most basic, fundamental role of protecting those within. However, On the flip side, it suggests it may be responsible for creating the monsters within also, represented by the character constructing and talking to the boy. The umbrella symbolizes protection. Visually the video is based on the work of Artist “Paul King” which deals with communication and social interactions tinged with Vaudeville.