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MACHINA KORE on AJ Bradford’s  
Rock Radio UK’s Sunday Blast

MACHINA KORE on AJ Bradford’s  Rock Radio UK’s Sunday Blast show playing our newly released EP Blood In Code.

Rock Radio UK


The answer is the sound of a group of musicians hungrier than a pack of wolves with the smell of a stricken caribou in their nostrils. ‘Blood In Code’ is declarative. It is strident. It is energetic. It is forceful. It is uncompromising. It is thoughtful. It is challenging. It is melodic. It defies generic categorization. It is strident. And, above all, it is confident.

The opening intro of ‘Wither’ fittingly sets the scene, lulling you into a false sense of security, with its lilting piano and atmospheric tint, before ‘Exile’ pummels its way out of those speakers with one of THOSE riffs: you the know that sort… the ones that grab you by the balls, giving a bloody good shaking then bounce you off the walls and ripping straight into the darkest recesses of your soul, there to remain and grow until it consumes your entire being… You can feel the spit and venom dripping from Moro’s lips as he snarls with all the fury his frame can muster, while the rhythm section of Blademan and Haughlan pummel home the message even further with that sense of laconicism that is so effective when delivered by musicians who know what they leave out is often more important that what is unnecessarily included…

‘Footprint On A Death Mask’ treads the sort of territory that will perhaps be most familiar to Sinocence fans, a mid-paced thrasher characterized by a snarling, broiling riff that wraps itself around your aural cortex like starved boa constrictor, while closer ‘God From Machine’ sees Moro once again exploring characteristic anti-establishment, anti-theistic lyrical territory, spitting his words into your face like he’s standing right in front of you rather than distanced by the digital nature of the recording.

‘Blood In Code’ is a defiant statement of intent. A declaration that you really can’t beat the pull of being in a band, and the satisfaction that getting together and producing music produces for those involved. A fierce and fiery return for all involved… now, let’s get these guys some gigs lined up so they can rip our feckin’ heads off…

  • ‘Blood In Code’ is released on Friday (7 May). You can get your copy HERE.


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Fury and anger wrapped in ‘hybrid’ metal from Machina Kore


Blood in Code is released on May 7th at 9pm and will be available on all major streaming platforms.

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MACHINA KORE on Total Rock Radio

Blackdiamond’s Metal Mayhem

Back with a bang this evening from 6 on TotalRock! So much awesome new music from bands such as

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Total Rock – On Demand – Aired 04/05/2021


Weekly, unscripted and uncensored. Three morons from Lurgan NI talk shite for an hour 💚 Come and hangout with your new best friends, Canks, Cringles and Gerard.

Episode 315 Ends the show with the EXCLUSIVE airing – “Exile” from “Blood in Code”

Check out the full show here!!! – Episode 315: Captain Linda or below on Spotify

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